Can you see yourself representing TLP in the ring?

Next Fight WOF will be late March 2019.

The TLP Fight WOF is a six week block of training, mindset conditioning and nutrition coaching which will determine whether you’re ring ready. At the end of your six weeks, you’ll receive a pass or a fail. If you pass, you’ll qualify to compete as part of the TLP fight team.

The TLP Fight WOF is not for the faint hearted. Imagine you’ve been matched for a title fight, with only three weeks notice. There’s no time for faltering or fear. You’ll have to dig deep to be ready. Be prepared to be training and putting in extras 6 days a week for 6 weeks. We’ll put your fitness, power and technique to the test.

This camp is not about just rolling with the punches. Our trainers will give you a level of intense focus and attention. Tightening up your nutrition is crucial for camp. Our performance nutritionist will prescribe your fight weight and expect you to follow a tailored meal plan to achieve peak conditioning.

There’s mental prep too. You have to live and breathe the meaning of roartalent. You’ll need to be humble and patient. We’ll assess you based on your attitude and understanding of the TLP values.

It's an honour to represent TLP in the ring. We want to know that you carry the attributes of a TLP Fighter. Have you got what it takes?