Crack into combat.


To get better balance, power and agility, kickboxing is the king of the ring.

We’ll brush up on the techniques behind kicks, punches, knee and elbow strikes and sweeping. Expect to apply what you learn in real fight scenarios - we’ll have you in the ring from the get go.


Get in fighting shape for the ring—or just the everyday—with our boxing classes.

We’re not about smashing the guts out of a boxing bag here. TLP doesn't skimp on teaching you the skills that have helped fighters get trained for decades. Expect a mix of partner, offensive and defensive drills. Get ready to come out swinging with new skills under your belt.


MMA is a real mixed bag of disciplines - from Muay Thai to grappling / wrestling. The more well rounded you are with your fighting skills, the more effective you’ll be against your opponent.

So, be prepared to smash out skillwork. This class is focused on developing MMA fundamentals through partner drilling and padwork. We’ll help you master stand up striking, ground combat and grappling in no time.


Maintain your Mobility.


CodeElite: HIIT

Every fighter needs a decent dose of functional fitness. This is where metabolic conditioning workouts step up to the plate and deliver. As important as skill training is, if you don’t have the strength and conditioning to utilise your skills, then your lungs will be the first body part to give in during a fight!

The metabolic circuits consist of power training, plyometrics, cardio, muscular endurance and core development. Be prepared to smash out some squats, throw around a kettlebell and brave the battle ropes. 

The bi-product? A conditioned body, increased flexibility and the ability to be a lot faster in your next fight.

CodeElite: Speed & Agility

What’s a fighter’s secret weapon? Skill, speed and lots of it. After your initial classes you’ll realise just how precise your footwork needs to be. Expect an intense workout that engages every muscle group in your body. The rapid movements in Speed & Agility improve flexibility, balance and coordination, and help you build faster reflexes. 

The instructor will switch up what you're doing often, which increases your cardio endurance and muscular strength.

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Crack into Combat.


Boxing & Kickboxing Sparring*

Free-style more your thing? Ready for close-quarter contact? Our sparring classes are a favourite amongst the TLP crew.

You'll be working with a partner and will be given a specific set of offensive and defensive combos, based on what you’ve learnt in our other classes. Techniques include all aspects of fighting as well as basic strategy.

We look after each other in these sessions - sportsmanship, respect and bit of humour goes a long way. This class is all about learning from one another, in a safe and supportive environment. There’s no time for egos round here!

*Fighters classes must have 6 months of training experience and be signed off by Ata.

Shoot Boxing (MMA Sparring) *

A well-rounded fighter understands the power of quality ground game — this is your opportunity to level up.

Our shoot boxing classes are a mixture of wrestling, kickboxing, allowing for kicks, punches, knees, elbows, throws, and standing submission. You’ll work with a partner to practice everything from submissions to take downs.

We’ve got each others backs in these sessions with a focus on supporting each other to learn and grow in a safe environment.

*Shoot boxing (MMA Sparring) classes must have 6 months of training experience and be signed off by Braden.


Fighting Focus.



Want to get ring ready? At TLP, we’ve helped countless members transition into competitive fighting. 

A serious fighter knows that preparation is key. So be prepared to master both strategy and skill in these sessions. Through a series of sparring drills, we’ll take you through ring control techniques, teach you how to control range and demonstrate how to set up specific strikes.

You’re going to encounter fighters that are better than you - maybe they’ve got more stamina, faster footwork or a sharper focus. We see this as a chance to learn. The best way to beat a better skilled opponent is to counter their style.

You’ll need to learn how to fight opponents of varying sizes, understand how to combat aggression in the ring and know how to adjust your approach when a competitor moves around more than expected. Luckily for you, we cover all this and more in our competitive fighting sessions.

*Fighters classes must have 6 months of training experience and be signed off by Ata.

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Kids & Teens

Kids Boxing & Kickboxing

A 45-minute session designed to teach the fundamental skills of boxing and kickboxing for kids aged 6-10 years old.

Our classes are designed for any level with the aim to see our youngest members walk out feeling confident. At TLP we’re a community focused gym with a heart for giving back. Each class is run by trainers with a background in youth work and often competing fighters who know their stuff.

Teen Boxing

A 45-minute session designed to teach the fundamental skills of boxing for teens aged 11-15 years old.

We focus on building discipline, self-belief and confidence in each class. You won’t find a rinse repeat session of smashing the guts out of a boxing bag. Instead we focus on proper techniques and boxing etiquette. Each session is run by an active teen fighter, trainer and positive role mode at TLP.

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