Our Story

TLP is a boxing, kickboxing, and MMA club located in central Wellington. We tackle the serious stuff like fitness, technique and mentality, but aren’t afraid to have fun along the way.  Everything we do is backed by our simple philosophy: to believe, endure and conquer.



TLP was founded by Pou Sefesi and Ata Fakalelu, who saw an opportunity in combat sport to shake up stale norms. What began as a casual conversation over island food, transformed into a vision to create the ultimate fight gym in New Zealand.

In our club, we believe that every member can be exceptional if they’re given the right environment.
We call that roartalent - it’s something we all have. From the one who drilled, sanded and built our space to become what it is today, to the one waking at 5am to train for a competition. 

Roartalent is the willingness to show up, get things done and stay true to who we are, while investing in the greater vision of our club. It means we’re committed to being better – not just better than the other fighter in the ring, but better than we were yesterday.

TLP will help you uncover your roartalent. We’ll treat you as a fighter from the moment you step through our doors - we’re always in your corner.



People come to TLP to learn fighting techniques, but they stay for the community.
Our community spirit is the enduring force that underpins our club. We aren’t about being a commercial fitness studio. We're a community of real, authentic people who happen to love combat sport too.

We’re fighters first and foremost -  at TLP our differences fade into the background.

We train together, no matter what your experience level is. First time fighters will spar with national champions. Everyone gets humbled at some point in fighting, so we leave our ego at the door and are always willing to learn from one another.


Whether you join TLP to learn self-defence skills, tick a fight off your bucket list or to get fit, we do everything in our power to help you conquer your goals.

Our focus is on proper technique. We don’t just rinse and repeat the same boxing drills with a punching bag - we train you to understand fighting as an art form. TLP trainers teach sparring combinations and show you how to apply them in the ring. After training with us for a while, you will feel faster, stronger and more agile. Fighting offers you both a physical and mental challenge. We have an attitude of ‘you either win or you learn.’

We’re proud of our growing fight team in Wellington. Our club has been represented both nationally and internationally, supported by trainers who collectively have 30+ years experience.


Our day-one vision still remains strong: to create the ultimate fight gym and support the fighting community across Aotearoa.

Believe that you have roartalent, that is ready to be unleashed. Join an enduring community of fighters and learn from the best. Conquer what’s holding you back and reap the rewards of mental and physical growth.