At TLP we believe everyone carries roartalent.
Roartalent gives us the authority to lead, to fight and to conquer. You can feel it before you see it.
We see roartalent as both our personal and collective strength, pride and identity.
You don’t mess with roartalent. You cultivate it. You respect it. You keep it sharp.

That’s why we launched Roar Cutz — to help you stay sharp.

It’s no secret that in the world of lions, a brothers mane signals his fighting success.
It’s common knowledge that all lions have a prominent mane.
And if you respect you’re roartalent, you’ll wanna have a roarcut too.



Standard Cutz $35
Student Cutz $30

Facial Hair $15


RoarCutz ( Inside The Lion Pit )
Level 1, 6 Vivian street
Wellington Te Aro


Monday 9-5pm
Tuesday 9-5pm
Wednesday 9-5pm
Thursday 9-5pm
Friday 9-5pm
Saturday 9-4pm