Boxing & Kickboxing Fighters

Want to get ring ready? At TLP, we’ve helped countless members transition into competitive fighting. 

A serious fighter knows that preparation is key. So be prepared to master both strategy and skill in these sessions. Through a series of sparring drills, we’ll take you through ring control techniques, teach you how to cut distance and demonstrate how to set up specific strikes.

You’re going to encounter fighters that are better than you - maybe they’ve got more stamina, faster footwork or a sharper focus. We see this as a chance to learn. The best way to beat a better skilled opponent is to counter their style.

You’ll need to learn how to fight opponents of varying sizes, understand how to combat aggression in the ring and know how to adjust your approach when a competitor moves around more than expected. Luckily for you, we cover all this and more in our competitive fighting sessions.

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